My name is Joe, I’m 27, and I am trying to save up money to purchase one of those big cowboy hats that cowboys wear

Email and complain to joe@joebush.net

For e-mail updates on everything I do, consult the Substack.

In the Fall of 2022, I published Football Hell about the Kansas Jayhawks football season

For new videos (Starting from Fall 2022 on) check out JoeBush.Net on YouTube


The old YouTube Channel is Here

Older posts are available at my old blogs all of which were consolidated onto this one as of October 7th, 2014:

Joe Bush talks about Video Games

“Oh Gosh, A Blog” which was started and abandoned in 2007, then restarted and re-abandoned in 2013

Games and That Podcast, featuring me and my friends Clay Knapp and Christian Hughes, which updates rarely and whenever we feel it should be updated. Which is about once a year at the moment.

ristar200’s pretty terrible gaming blog which ran from early 2010 to late 2010 and features very little that I’m proud of but I like to keep it around just for the sake of my own history

The legendary original videos of me in the seventh grade

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