Help Joe Bush Become Boltman

Boltman is For Sale. Boltman is For Sale.

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I Went to My Last Sporting Kansas City Game on Saturday

Alright, now it’s starting to hurt

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Guiltless Pleasures: 3 Albums I love despite everything

It struck me recently, as it does every day, that I have awful taste in music. I’ve been asked about it before – how does one get to the point where he’s genuinely pumped up by a 30 year old Italo House track? How does one ignore the years of anti-electronica stigmata surrounding the other music he likes? Did that Whigfield woman really say “I need you inside me tonight?”

I have something to answer for, and an explanation to give. I have a platform under my name and the ability to Post, and I consider it my solemn duty to do so for you today. Here are three albums, all of which are from God’s Genre, “Electronica,” that I apparently care about despite the shame I feel that I should have around them. I should’ve come up with a fancy thing like “The Obscure albums Joe Likes Hall-of-Fame” but I’m just getting to the prose here. This post is All Substance, No Aesthetic and I must get on with it.

Conspiracy to Dance, Urban Hype (1992)

urban hype
Hot Tracks: Living in a Fantasy, Trip to Trumpton, Teknologi Part 2 Continue reading

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Independence Day Special: Here’s DaMarcus Beasley Peeing at the World Cup

Midfielder DaMarcus Beasley feasibly would’ve been the first American to play in five World Cups with an appearance on the USMNT’s squad at Russia 2018. However, an unforeseen set of circumstances led to the American squad “Not Making the Tournament,” and DaMarcus has simply played a full MLS schedule in the summer in Houston as a 36 year old man, which is also incredibly impressive and I don’t know what he does to be able to do that.


DaMarcus is one of America’s best, and on this day of our independence from a tyrannical monarchy who immediately went and fixed many of its problems in a way that our atrophied ancient governmental system never will, it’s our duty here at Joe Bush dot Net to celebrate America’s best, which is why I’ve chosen to highlight the time that DaMarcus Beasley Peed on the Pitch at the World Cup. Continue reading

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OPINION: Shit Just This Way Now

Damn… I guess it’s just like this, huh. Like… this is just it, I guess. Shit’s just like this.

Like this… Like, it’s just this way. Shit just is this way, I guess. What the hell is going on? Like how is things this way? Why are the things like this? What did we do to have shit be like this?


This, I guess, is how I’ve been reacting to how it feels

And what made shit to be like this? Who said shit had to be like this, or that it got to be like this, or who made it be like this in the first place? Where’d this start, when did shit begin to be like this? What kicked it off? What started the shit rolling its way from wherever it was a while ago to where it is now? What the hell? What the shit? What made it this way?

And how do we get it to not be this way? I don’t even necessarily mean to make it back to the way it was, but honestly I’d rather see it be a different way than the way it is now perhaps in a completely new way, as long as it’s not, y’know, this way, that’s how shit needs to be, or at least this, right now, is how shit needs not to be.

Do you see this? Like this shit? I mean all of this shit? Yeah, it’s just… it’s just this way right now. Shit’s just like this. Shit just be this way. And it’s just how it is.

Damn… I mean…

It’s just like this. This is just how it is.

I guess

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The Joe Bush dot Net Guide to Wine

What is wine?

Most people don’t know. I certainly didn’t. But four months ago, I was just a dipshit 22-year old kid, right out of college, who used connections to get a job at a wine store. Now, four months later, I’m a dipshit 23-year old man who knows everything possible to know about wine. I’m what you might call a “wine store employee”

I have only so much knowledge I can give away for free on this blogsite and in this post. When the eventual book, “Joe Bush’s Guide to Wine 2026” is released, I assume I will have finally opened up a store on the site and updated the site’s layout for the first time since 2016.

But for you reading this site before the inevitable book, here’s a JPEG of a glass of wine followed by a question followed by a lot of prose.

red wine.jpg

This was the JPEG previously mentioned

So, what is wine?

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I Went to an Arizona Diamondbacks game on Sunday

This has been a banner year for Joe Bush Attending National League Baseball Games. Check out these stats:


You can’t argue with that. My National League games seen productivity is up 200%

Back in April, I became a Padres fan. All it took was one game and the fact that I’m relocating there in a few months. Therefore, the Arizona Diamondbacks, a division rival in a nearby city, and the very team that…

four minutes of Wikipedia research later


…they’ve got an uphill battle to winning my elusive fandom. But there’s some stuff they did to get my fandom.

It’s entirely obvious that this stadium was constructed in 1998

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