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Predictive Current Events of July 2016

I’ll be out of the country next month. I don’t know how many people actually know that, but you know now. I generally don’t like telling people things like this, it feels like bragging. I’m doing it now, though. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Is Mario Kart 64 Good?

Note: I only used this title in order to stick with the pseudo-protocol that I have developed when discussing quality. In writing a blog post like this, I think I’m supposed to build my writing up to a climactic ending … Continue reading

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LEAKED Charmin Bears Commercial Script

Charmin and the bears are back, and they’re still gettin’ down and dirty with the toilet paper business. In their defense, there’s really not a way to sell toilet paper that doesn’t involve getting way too detailed, but in our … Continue reading

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The BEST Kansas Jayhawks Traditions

What’s up, my fellow Jayhawks??? We soar above the plains of Kansas and prey upon the weak below us, be them Wildcats, Tigers, or some third thing! As we say in our Alma Mater – Hail to Old KU! This university … Continue reading

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Burger King Secret Menu

“Have it Your Way” we say! Wake up next with the King feeling nice and satisfied with these Burger King Secret Menu items we at the Joe Bush Dot Net Secret Menu Detective Team (it’s just me) excavated. Ask any Burger King … Continue reading

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