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GUEST POST: Rogue Long: A Star Wars Boring

My friend and J0e Bush Dot Net Guest Contributor Maverick Moore has written this review of Rogue One, the most recent Star Wars film from this December. He’s planning on starting up a review site of his own so hit … Continue reading

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I was at Aaron’s Party. This is what really happened.

Aaron Carter’s account of the party he threw at some point during the summer of 2000 is slanted to hell and completely inaccurate. The song he made about his “party of the year” is downright libelous, and tries to normalize … Continue reading

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The Ten WORST College Basketball Student Sections

You asked, and we provided. These are the worst places to catch – or play – a college basketball game in the United States – 10. The Foo Fighters – Big me, am I right? These guys just played a … Continue reading

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30 for 30 Post-Film Report: Catholics vs. Convicts

In lieu of a lengthy introduction, I’m going to simply state that I love documentaries, I have a weird thing with sports that I tried to explain in an article a few weeks ago on The Odyssey, and I’m a … Continue reading

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All Three of These People are In Hell

Based off of the way they are dressed, I have to assume that this program takes place in hell, and all three of them are doomed to argue about football until they die. Continue reading

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