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Joe Bush on YouTube – Home, primarily, of video essays on gaming and rhetoric

Football Hell – Currently on hiatus discussion of my horrible experiences at a series of Kansas Jayhawks football games from 2017-18

Publications on Other Sites:


VICE Games –There Are No Good NCAA Basketball Games, and Maybe There Never Were

Cliqist – Video Review: Into the Breach

Cliqist – Crossing Souls and the Imagined Eighties

Cliqist – Mutant Football League in Context


Odyssey Online – Despite 2016, the Cosmic Ballet Continues

Odyssey Online – Five Things on the MLS Cup Final

Odyssey Online – On Futility, Desire, and Waiting for a Nintendo at 7:30 on a Friday

Odyssey Online – Four Types of Terrible Lifehacks


Laser Time – Dissecting Shaquille O’Neal’s “I Know I Got Skillz”