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Old Sports Games #31 Afterthoughts

Nintendo has had a weird history with in-house sports games. The NES was partially launched with sports games, like Golf, Baseball, 10 Yard Fight, Ice Hockey, etc. A descriptive bunch of titles, setting up a no-nonsense approach for the opening of … Continue reading

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The [DAY] Update – 4/21/15

Dudes, it was 4/20 yesterday and I got totally stoned definitely so that’s why I was late on this. Definitely that reason. Because I’m cool. Super Mario 64 (N64): Sixth Appearance, Third Straight Appearance Well if it isn’t Part 4 of … Continue reading

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Something something Brett Lawrie situation

Last week a baseball player slid into second base, potentially injuring Kansas City Royals second baseman Alcides Escobar and starting a series of bad blood-related pitches and hits and gestures and some sport was played at some point. I think … Continue reading

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Class Adjacent To Yours That Always Seems to Be Having Fun For Some Reason

COURSE TITLE: CLASS WHERE WE ALWAYS PLAY LOUD MUSIC AND LAUGH ALL THE TIME FOR SOME REASON NUMBER: CLAS 420 DESCRIPTION: Imagine this: You’re sitting in your class, one where you presumably learn about a topic you’re interested in but don’t necessarily find … Continue reading

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The Monday Update – 4/13/15

IT IS MONDAY AND THERE WILL BE AN UPDATE. Sorry about last week but it was another case of “didn’t play anything really” NBA 2K15 (XBONE): Twelfth Appearance, Second Straight Appearance If you’re wondering how I’m doing in MyCareer, I … Continue reading

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