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Things I Will Put in Virtual Reality Once I Have the Means, Funds, and Ability to Do So

For those of you out of the loop, the Oculus Rift premiered this week! We are now in a different world, one where the line between actuality and virtual reality is drawn by a giant thing you have to put … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Upsets in March Madness History

Whoa! Did anyone else see Michigan State get upset by Middle Tennessee┬áState (Right? I’m not doing any research this morning if I don’t have to) yesterday? My bracket sure is busted, alright. That game was great, but how does it … Continue reading

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BREAK THE BRACKET: 15 Tips to Make Your NCAA Tournament Bracket a Winner

DISCLAIMER: Alright here I am again, talking about the college version of basketball, again. Last year I put a lot of effort into insightful social and political and athletic commentary, so be prepared for more of that. I’m simply going … Continue reading

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Everything I am Blaming on the Mandela Effect This Week

   For those who are unaware, the Mandela Effect is the idea that certain memories can be “misremembered” by a large group of people. I’ll try to explain it but this person does a better job. The name comes from … Continue reading

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The Games of February 2016

I’m continuing something for a second straight month. This is a big step, ladies and gentlemen. Roundabout (PC) Between this and Crazy Taxi and that Simpsons game from like 2003, I’m convinced that “chauffeur” is my favorite genre of game. … Continue reading

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