Monday Update: 11/17/14

NBA 2K15 (XBONE): Sixth Appearance, Sixth Straight Appearance

I chose to play for the Kings. You may remember the Kings as the team I played for in 2K14, and that’s absolutely why I went to them again. In the first season, I would constantly be left on the pick and roll kicking out to a wide open Small Forward (Michael Kidd-Gilchrist) in the corner, who would proceed never to knock down the open 3. The Kings have Rudy Gay, and I’m gonna make him a star, baby. Generally if I give him the ball and he’s open, not only will he take the shot, but he’ll knock it down! It’s a miracle. Goodbye MKG, goodbye Lance Stephenson, goodbye Cody Zeller and Al Jefferson, goodbye to that first round sweep in the playoffs against the Cavaliers that I totally saw coming.

I didn’t do anything in MyTeam because I just gave up on my dream of ever having a good team or ever getting a gold level player in a pack. It’s spending 10 dollars gambling on something I don’t care about which will only yield a digital version of Ricky Rubio if I’m lucky. It’s a devil’s game.

Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament: Second Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

I stuck with a game for once… I’m proud of myself. Not really proud of myself, because it’s actually an excellent game, and I didn’t have to convince myself to come back to it. It’s also very easy, which I’d expect as it’s more of a puzzle-based platformer rather than a traditional platformer. I always prefer games like that, because I don’t have great reflexes and get discouraged very easily. It reminds me of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy, which is absolutely a compliment as that’s one of my favorite handheld console games.

Unreal (PC): First Appearance

You can buy this game for cheap off of right now if you want. It’s okay but it’s very similar to other shooters of that era, so if you aren’t fictional guns and hallways, you might stay away. Interesting how each level is credited to a designer, and also very interesting how good it looks on a modern PC. Maybe it’s because I expect it to look like it did on a low-end Compaq in 1999, but I’m still pretty impressed. It runs really well, is what I’m saying.

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