2015 Game of the Year Countdown #2: Technobabylon

It continues…


Everyone needs to understand how close I was to putting this at number one. The difference between Technobabylon and the game that will rank number one is incredibly small, and I completely recommend this and whatever game comes up tomorrow.

In a year of excellent stories in games, Technobabylon stands out. Hell, in a landscape of stereotypical science fiction, Technobabylon definitely stands out. I’ve grown tired of so many futuristic science fiction stories, but this one was different – It felt realistic, more hopeful and more plausible than so many others in my experience. You see the natural gap between generations illustrated through changes in technology, analogous to a gap today. You see what feels like a natural future for city population, crime, and personal relationships.

There’s just something nice about a game that sets a story in what feels like a real, possible future. Maybe not one that’s ideal for everyone, but it’s totally realistic and I appreciate that – You can make a great story that doesn’t depend on an archetypical setting by utilizing great characterization like this game does.

I could go on and describe the setting in detail but I think the characters, and more specifically the personal dialogue, is done well and sets up a great storyline with excellent twists. The cast is so diverse and the interactions between them are excellent, the added function of Trance makes it even more complex and interesting, it’s just a really easy world to get lost in at like 11:30 PM and not look up until it’s been three hours and you wanted to get up at 9:30 the next day.

If you’re a fan of point-and-click games and futuristic sci-fi and want a diverse cast of characters (and, as it turns out I didn’t realize until writing this list, detective games), a number of concepts that interest me and I’m sure interest many others, this is the best game for you.

Perhaps it just happened to check several boxes for me (and I bought it on a whim, too, to be fair) but I really enjoyed this game and this story and I want others to have the same great experience.


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