Dailies for the week of November 3rd-7th, 2014


I made this video for class. Is this cheating? Yes, absolutely. But I worked on a video so I feel like it counts


This is a bad video in response to another video


dear god Canneth, please, god, please, help, please Canneth, I need you to cooperate. I won Canneth (known as “Coke Can Wearing Sunglasses and Hat” or “Cool Coke Can” until this year in which I named him after a particular teacher’s assistant that my girlfriend had) in a crane machine in 2007. He sat in a box from probably 2008-2014, and then reemerged this year in a series of vines that changed the world

also he appeared in a video in April as well

Canneth gets around. Canneth gets around.


You see this is why I don’t build coasters for a living


If anyone knows where I can dispose of this large brick of a console that I like but apparently isn’t good, please tell me so I may rid it from my sight. Thanks.

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