Dailies for the week of November 17th-21th


It’s good how the XBOX One allows me to record weird moments like that. Rudy Gay is very eager to get that shit out of there


True Story: I hadn’t listened to this album since I was in the 7th grade, as I was a huge fan of FOB back in 7th grade. I then found it for six dollars at a Hastings, and then put it in to find out that I still knew like every word. Some stuff sticks around ,I guess.




Get ready for this 24 hour stream! I’ll be 2 hours or so late to the filming, but hey, I’ll be there for 22 hours of it. MegaMan


This isn’t even a real bird. It’s a large bird, but it clearly cannot fly and cannot shoot threes which isn’t surprising, being a bird.

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