Dailies for the week of November 24th-29th


Stop these serial liars we call “birds.” Actually, I’ve done some research and it’s very possible that these aren’t real animals at all, very possibly people wearing the skins of animals. Fucked up, man. Especially since we make them wear clothes.


I’m a gonna win


Halftime challenges are always fodder for dailies. Particularly because they involve non-athletes doing athletic things, which is always funny and never goes well. Except for that one girl who threw the football in the big can of Dr. Pepper and won a scholarship for it. Do you think she puts that on resumes? I would. and I would describe how I earned it in far too much detail.


I didn’t put anything up on Thursday so I did the thing where I put two videos up the next day as a way to pay for my sins.

The immediate change in expression is tremendous, thank you dad. If I ever produce anything resembling actual television comedy, the snap-zoom will be the focal point of the show. It is the funniest possible thing, as exemplified by Cheap Seats’ “Do You Care” segment


I bought a Hauppauge. I bought a Hauppauge. I’m no longer using a Pinnacle Dazzle, as I now own a Hauppauge. Also I’m still playing a basketball game from 2006, and I dunked on my own teammate.

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