Dailies for the week of December 1-5, 2014

All five dailies came out on the day they were supposed to this week. I deserve a reward. (This is the point when I go eat an entire cheesecake)


Joe Bush, digital historian of pointless things. Most notable about this video is a young Kirk Herbstreit wearing a backwards hat, and how proud they were of the cheerleader mo-cap. Funny how this was all new in 2003 and it was all out when 2008 rolled around. New hardware brings regression for a few years.


I was so carsick during this entire song, which is theoretically a Thanksgiving song but if you start listening to it on Thanksgiving it may as well be a Christmas song because it takes three weeks to complete. It’s like one of my favorite songs, Cousin Earl, but without the entertainment value or pork sausage and with more of an emphasis on protest, war, and thanksgiving. Do military psychiatrists have to deal with this a lot, a bunch of 18 year old kids saying “you can get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant” every day? They probably think they’re clever.


I beat the shit out of Cal and I get very sad about the prospect of KU football.


I wore flannel every day this week


This is a video for class. Based on the three paragraphs of negative feedback I got on it, stay away from it. This feels terrible.

About Joe Bush

The guy behind JoeBush.net and a lot of other things
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