Monday Update: 12/8/14

Play this song while you read the first paragraph

It’s December and I have played a total of five games that came out this year. They are as follows:

Wolfenstein: The New Order (XBONE): Three Appearances

NBA 2K15 (XBONE): Six Appearances

Trials: Fusion (XBONE): Five Appearances

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U): Three Appearances

Super Smash Bros (3DS): Three Appearances

I don’t have much of a resume for this year’s annual end of the year awards that everyone does (and look out for Ben and I’s, which will come out in late December). Anyway, it’s time for a yearly tradition everyone, that’s right, it’s Joe plays a bunch of games that came out this year in a mad rush to seem like he’s still a conscious consumer! Sponsored by, which is having a sale right now and helping me purchase more and spend less on the unimportant things in life such as: Medicine, food, shoes, or warm clothing (I’m wearing a 1930’s Czechoslovakian Army coat this winter). But let’s get started!

Freedom Planet (PC): First Appearance

Ben looked at this game and said “Looks like Sonic but with cute cat girls.” It’s exactly that. Which means it’s basically perfect for me. I love the way the game looks, and (I’m probably the only one who cares) it looks more like a Genesis or 32X game than a Super Nintendo game. I’m unsure if that’s intentional or not, but that’s the type of authenticity that I want from a retro-style game.

Alcatraz: 1954 (PC): First Appearance

Second-best game based in Alcatraz of all time. The best is Tony Hawk 4

NCAA Football 2003 (XBOX): Third Appearance, Last Appearance 11/3/14

I played a crazy-ass game last night which featured this fucked-up play, the final play of the first half. They went up by 13, I cut the lead to six, then my receiver dropped a catch in the endzone. Very good. I don’t want to talk about David Beaty right now, but I think he’ll do well in the future. I don’t believe that I’ll see a bowl game by the time I graduate, unfortunately.

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