Dailies for the week of December 15th-19th



but what does this mean


Yes, in the middle of the screen, making a cross over my chest and shouting “rest in peace” is me, Joe Bush, from online. I am 19 years old and this was the first time that I alone have been on TV. I have been on TV before when I was in the band at my high school, when a camera panned across us at a basketball game, and definitely in the band in college purely with the fact that I was somewhere in a form. However, this was the first time that I have both been the featured person on the screen, and also the first time you could hear my words. Let it be known that the first words I ever spoke on television were “Rest in Peace,” delivered to Iowa State’s offense. We won that game.


Story time. I used to play Call of Duty 2 all the time back during around 2009 or so, right before MW2 came out. By this point, the game had been out for four years, and four more games had been released. Needless to say, the online community was sparse by that point; we’d struggle to fill games up even with a cap of eight players. I would form friends with the people who played consistently and remembered me. It helped a lot, especially if they were playing in a game already in process, where I could jump in on their games. It helped find people to play with in a dying community


I bought sodas, I have no concept of the origin of this cake and how it ended up on a car


I needed to put those sodas somewhere. more news to come

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The guy behind JoeBush.net and a lot of other things
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