Monday Update: 12/16/14

A short one, you say? Yes, absolutely. I have to decide what makes it on the Monday Update each week, and sometimes I don’t play something enough for it to really qualify. For instance, I played Wii Sports Resort of all games this week at a party. (Summer 2013’s “Game I Was Wrong About”) It’s still alright but with a faulty Wii MotionPlus, you’re not getting many buckets. (Our record in the 3-point shootout was three made baskets). Anyway,

Freedom Planet (PC): Second Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

It got me back in that thing that happened when I played Sonic & Knuckles for the first time, where I’d get stuck and forget that I could do very obvious things, like “climb a wall with Knuckles”. This time, I stood in one general area before realizing that there was a third button I could press to kinda launch myself in the air. The only other thing I remember really is the fact that the boss fights are really good, they remind me of Sonic CD’s boss fights, which played well on the game’s speed and simple controls. Though they were challenging, I didn’t quit, which speaks more to me than the game really, showing I’ve grown as a person.Or something.

NCAA Football 2003 (XBOX): Fourth Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

I won the Sugar Bowl in my season mode with Texas Tech. Typically for big games and if I have a number lot of time on my hands, I change the settings from 5 minute quarters to 10 minute quarters. You’d think that doubling the amount of time in the game would simply double the score of the game. I would think that too, however, adding the extra five minutes per quarter puts a strange amount of momentum into the game, where struggling offenses suddenly spring to life and relatively good defenses can’t do anything.

In a Sugar Bowl between an 11-2 Texas Tech team and an 8-5 Mississippi team, one which remained unranked after an upset in the SEC Championship, and one whom I had already beaten in the season with a score like 24-14 or something like that. The final score of the bowl game? 52-48, Tech wins. Eli Manning was out in the middle of the second quarter and his backup did better than him. I had a receiver, Anton Paige, get 370 some yards receiving. All because I doubled the amount of time in the game. One day, I’ll play a 60 minute game, I’ll stream it, and the final score will be 84-80 or something like that. Video Games are meant to imitate life and often quite simply shit the bed.

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