Dailies for the week of 12/22-12/26




Hey, it’s Old Sports Games 27. I’ve known that I wanted to review this game forever, and I’m glad I got to mention Super High Impact in a video for once. I think I’ve made it 27 episodes without referencing the game, which is bizarre because there’s a lot to talk about. Maybe it’ll show up in the future.


Dog wasn’t in there. Dog does NOT belong in the trash. Don’t even think about Dog being in there.


This was originally a trailer for another channel that I never really started. I’m still proud of it.

And here’s the real video. I was really inspired for this video by n64thstreet’s series “Game Nugget”, 60 second videos about N64 games. Originally, the whole Video Jam thing was holding me back because I felt like I wasn’t putting enough information into a video, but I didn’t know how to do it in a number of cases. So I fixed it by not stopping myself from making relatively short videos with a lot of information. That’s how I do it.

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