Monday Update: 12/28/14 – A Full Year of Updates

I present the final Sunday/Monday Update of 2014. This series of posts began in the most cliché way of all time: I made a resolution last New Year’s to update my blog at least once per week. Unlike many resolutions, I actually went through with it! I made it a full year with about 70 total posts spanning my old blogspot, my current website, and the blog I ran for the research journalism class I took in the spring. It feels good looking back at it, and that’s all I’m going to say before I start giving myself awards. However, a week ending a year is still a week after all, and I did play some games.

Halo: Master Chief Collection (XBONE): First Appearance

I can’t tell from where the online problems in this collection stem. It’s either sloppy matchmaking or an apathetic community, or a small community that doesn’t want to play. Either way, I feel like I’ve spent more time waiting for people to join Halo 2 Rumble rooms than actually playing that mode (Which is a problem, because I generally play Free-For-All modes to remember how a game works and what maps look like, etc.) I have been disappointed with the online play so far, what with the eight player maximums in some modes, and the way that so many people leave games midway through. Last week, I was waxing nostalgic about Call of Duty 2’s online, and I’m having flashbacks to that, where I’m still in the middle of a team deathmatch between 4 players where I’m the only player on my team and I don’t quit just because I don’t have anything else to do. It’s broken still, and I just hope that Halo 5 has better online from the start.

Wait a second…

The beta begins today! It begins today! What a day, everyone, it begins today! It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Spider-Man (PS1): First Appearance

So that happened before I could even start the game. My PlayStation is old, and I’m not surprised. I think I bought it in 2004, used, from a GameStop, and I’d guess it’s roughly 15 years old and still generally plays games well.

Anyway, I bought this game after I beat Crash Bandicoot 2 way earlier this year, because I needed another PS1 game that I could beat. I’m only a little bit of the way through the game, but so far, it seems like the proper way to do a superhero game and a decent depiction of a comic book world that I have no interest in whatsoever. Also, shout out to Neversoft, a company that I have not heard from since Guitar Hero 3

NCAA Gamebreaker (PS1): First Appearance

This is only here because it will be the next Old Sports Game covered in the Old Sports Games series of videos that I make sometimes. Thank you.

That is about all for this week, but be ready for THE YEAR END AWARDS

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