Dailies for the Week of 12/29/14 ~ 1/3/15


Without question, this is the best title I have ever bestowed upon a video. The Chiefs won, by the way, and I’m glad I brought my shitty camera. I need to invest in a small sporting event camera that I can take to as many sporting events as I can, and record a small series of vids.


Well, sorry that I like to make videos and I like to have a bit of direction. Some of that maybe includes random narcissism


I tried to upload this last week, and it finally went up this week! Great job, Joe! You ate a terrible thing, which turned into black burnt sugar.


It took me a few days to compile this, sorry. A lot of these vids were supposed to be parts of a few different series throughout the year. Lobby gymnastics, Dunk School, the Best Buy Super Smash Bros. Demo thing, The Baseball game, Games and That Podcast, RIP The Couch, all that. I have a lot of ideas and not all of them are good


I knew pouring Chef Boyardee into a bowl and filming it was a great idea. Sorry I skipped Thursday

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Ever go to make a pork sausage and find it's got hairs growing all over it?
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