Monday Update: 1/12/14

So I didn’t put a Monday Update up last week for a variety of reasons involving a series of criteria, all of which must be correct in order for me to make myself write and then post an update.

Anyway, the first update of 2015! And what a year it will be. Let’s look back at the first update of 2014. It featured a lot of games that I haven’t played since last January. Time will tell if I can say the same thing next year.

Forza Horizon 2 (XBONE): First Appearance

You know when you first try a game out, and it gives you a feeling you haven’t felt before? I felt that way about a year ago when I played AntiChamber for the first Sunday update. AntiChamber’s puzzle solving gave me the same feeling of mystery and excitement that Portal gave me. For whatever reason, Forza 2 has given me, for the first time since Christmas morning 2008, the same feeling of excitement for open world exploration and experimentation that the first Skate. game gave me. That original Skate. game shaped my history in gaming in a way that I never thought it would, really introduced me to the fact that I could enjoy open-world games and I could have fun in an online setting. Forza’s drivatars recreates that feeling of knowing that I’m in a real world populated by real people or cars or representations of people.

I’ve made jokes before about wanting a game based in driving around real world cities, like “Google Streetview: The Game” as my sister would call it, but I actually would totally play that game and just learn about new cities. There’s probably an issue with privacy in a game like that (and “The Crew” apparently does that as well).

Halo: Master Chief Collection: Second Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

The Matchmaking hasn’t really been fixed to my liking, but this remake of the first game is great! I had so much more patience for this game’s brand of hard as shit back when I played it in high school, and I didn’t even finish it then. I’m older now (by like 3 years) and I won’t feel bad about dropping the difficulty level down a bit.

Halo 5: First Appearance

On the last Unprofessional Fridays of 2014, Drew Scanlon played an early version of the beta for a few minutes. I only really remember one statement that he made: “It’s Halo.” Now, of course, it’s Halo, but what he really meant was that it really felt like Halo should feel. The last Halo I played was Reach back in 2010, and I remember being unsatisfied with how the multiplayer played. It didn’t feel like Halo. Even with a number of additions, I can confirm that Halo 5 feels like a Halo game should.

Mega Man SoccerFirst Appearance

Steakin’, Ghost Passes, GNUs, and competitive Mega Man Soccer for the Super Nintendo coming this 2015. Look out for the Capcom Cup in March.

I played 24 hours of Mega Man games yesterday and let me tell you: Mega Man doesn’t change much over time. Good-as-shit levels followed by a difficult boss and then I stop playing. Hard to keep that up for 24 hours. Luckily, next year’s 24 hour cast is Mario games and should be more varied and I won’t hate every game in the series by the end of it.

NBA 2K15: Eighth Appearance, Last Appearance 12/22/14

I got a triple-double for the first time in MyCareer so that’s good. I keep losing games but I think that’s mostly the Kings and the fact that my character keeps playing the entirety of the third and fourth quarters and needs an IV by the end of the game.

I’ll leave you this week with this:

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