Dailies for the Week of 1/12/15-1/17/16

I mostly recorded myself playing video games this week. Much like every other week. However, I think I actually put a pretty good episode of Sports of the Day together.


So this turned out correct? I think it did for the most part. Ohio State wins, right? 3-0, right? Basically. This playoff was fun, and I’m glad that we finally made it to this point. I think something about the weight of the three games made them all completely¬†memorable. I remember Jameis slipping and fumbling for an Oregon touchdown, and Oregon’s ballboy’s haircut, and Cardale Jones throwing bombs downfield against Alabama, and Ohio State’s reverse pass to start the Sugar Bowl out, and then I remember Oregon being completely disappointing in the title game. I think I wanted Oregon to win, but I’m not broken up that the Buckeyes finally won a championship game after 2006 and 2007.

Hopefully next year is interesting as well, hopefully the Big XII gets a representative in, and maybe a cinderella team gets a shot. I’m thinking next year will be tOSU, TCU, Ole Miss, and Oregon. We’ll see how right I am about a year from now


Sports of the Day finally had a really good game. I’m very proud of how this game worked out so please take a look


In 2014, I made a reference to a video I wanted to make entitled “The Year is 2001”, a look at all of the EA Sports titles from the 2000-01 season. This is where it kinda ended up. I’m really bad at NBA Live 2001, but to be fair, it’s not good.


I’m also very bad at FIFA 2001


why did they do this

why would they let us do this

it’s right there, the hole’s right there, right in George Costanza’s crotch

right there

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