Monday Update: 1/19/15

Halo: Master Chief Collection: Third Appearance, Third Straight Appearance

I have so much patience. So much more patience than I remember ever having. I have never actually beaten the original Halo, or Halo 2, or any other Halo game. I plan to beat the first four games at some point this year because I spent sixty dollars on this collection. I distinctly remember where I stopped playing the first game on the XBOX, it was the mission I’m about to start with whenever I pick it up next. In fact, I’m actually rather surprised that myself, age 16, didn’t stop playing right in the middle of the fifth mission, Assault on the Control Room. I’m not good at this game, and putting it on “normal” difficulty would theoretically help that. But that actually doesn’t help at all, because I’m really, really not good at this game.

The final sequence in this mission involves Master Chief single-handedly making it up a structure to a door, which he must enter and then fight his way through. I think it took me well over 20 tries to get up the structure (mainly because I couldn’t reach a checkpoint) and then after that, getting to the end of the level wasn’t a sure thing. I’m actually sort of proud of my 16 year-old self, because I’d like to think I have a better attention span now than I did then, and I came close to just putting the controller down and skipping the stage or dropping a difficulty level. My goal this time is to make it to the end, further than my last try.

Madden 2005: First Appearance

Last year, I played a season of Madden 2003. This year, I booted up Madden 2005, and I racked up seven straight wins. With Washington. A Washington team quarterbacked by the aging Mark Brunell, featuring Clinton Portis, the late Sean Taylor, and LaVar Arrington. Somehow, this team jumped to seven straight wins, and I don’t really know what to do, I want to change the difficulty up a level, but I don’t want to drop every game after that. We’ll find out what happens next on the next Monday Update.

Mark Brunell was a great player for a few years, especially from 1996-2001 or so when he was with the Jaguars. I remember him being a decent player after he left the Jaguars, and the Joe Gibbs teams he played for were at least entertaining, the last time that franchise was actually a good team outside of the 2012 season. Dan Snyder teams are like that, gambles on veteran players which could either be successes, like London Fletcher and a few years of Mark Brunell, or complete failures like Dana Stubblefield, Deion Sanders, Adam Archuleta, or, the crown jewel of Dan Snyder fuck-ups: Albert Haynesworth.

Forza Horizon 2: Second Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

I’m not a car guy, but I’m a fun video game guy, and I’m gonna try to keep with this game for a few more weeks. I’m interested in trying out Wreckfest, but I’ll have to have a decent PC by that point. For now, this will do.

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