The Mon(Wednesday)day Update: 2/4/15

NFL 2K1 (DC): First Appearance

NFL 2K2 (DC): First Appearance

Both of these games are infuriating in different ways, which is weird because there’s only a year’s difference between the two release-wise and a lifetime’s difference between the two gameplay-wise. In 2K1, you can’t catch because your receivers can’t get the ball to hit both of their hands. In 2K2, you can’t catch because your receivers drop the ball at the drop of a hat. In fact, your receivers could probably find a solid job as people who drop all these hats for metaphors. They’d probably find work in that if not the people who test if a room’s quiet enough by dropping pins.

You can’t run in 2K1 because your blockers’ AI is so awful that they probably couldn’t get jobs dropping pins or hats and would probably have to swing dead cats to hit things or some other budget-grade colloquialism. You can’t run in 2K2 because your blockers are weak.

In both games, your quarterback takes like 4 seconds to move his arm forward and throw the ball. And to think, only two years later, this series produced one of the greatest football games in history.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (DC): First Appearance

If you watch that video up above, I say that I’m gonna play another game multiple times. Tony Hawk is that game. I started playing it today and you better get ready for way too much information on how I play the first Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

The Monday Update and the games played in the Monday Update have been a little strange over the past two weeks, and I blame it on the fact that I have been busy, and the weekends have been also busy for me the past two weeks.

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