Dailies for the Week of January 26th-30th

Second week of classes and things have not become any less confusing


This is a thing that Ben and I did a lot when we lived with Joe at different points in our lives. Sometimes Joe gets upset at video games, in this case, I think it was Earthbound? I don’t remember. Notably, one time, he left the cabin for a really long time after losing in Rhythm Heaven Fever


My camera can record in slow motion and those hats DON’T BELONG TO YOU


I love NBA Showtime, but I hated all of the football games I had in my possession on Thursday. I actually purchased two football games Friday afternoon in preparation for a possible Super Bowl Stream (though nothing will ever beat the legendary 2013 Super Bowl Stream, which ended in me playing Donkey Kong Country)


We did get a Sports of the Day Super Bowl Special (a SOTDSBS), and let me tell you, that’s not a good game Acclaim made there. Spoiler: It’s unplayable and I’m glad Acclaim’s not still making football games.

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