Monday Update – 2/10/15

I know it’s Tuesday

Madden 2002 (GC): First Appearance

I wanna talk about how sad this is. You know that thing that a lot of kids do in Madden games where they create a team of players at all 100 skill ratings, or maybe they put themselves in at Quarterback at all 100. I know I did it in middle school. Once I got to high school, I started feeling weird about that and stopped, specifically I felt weird about putting myself into games. I said “that would be really, really depressing” when it came to putting myself into Road to Glory mode in NCAA Football 12.

Marc Ecko and a bunch of hip-hop stars (and motocross guy Mike Metzger) did that exact thing as adults, then put themselves in a game, which was sold to millions of people. It’s cool to be in a video game, sure, but still, come on.

Sam & Max Hit the Road (PC): First Appearance

I finally started this game up. I’m not far in it at all, so I’ll hold off on talking about it until I play some more of it.

NFL 2K3 (GC): First Appearance

I like playing through a series like this, because with every next game, I actually see the game get better and progress. Unfortunately, 2K4 (released as ESPN NFL Football) didn’t see a GameCube release, and neither did 2K5. 2K4 was the one game I basically never played, though I did own it at one point (BlockBuster would sell off old NFL games at vastly reduced prices, like 7 dollars or so only a year after release).That’s all I’m gonna play of 2K3.

Sorry for the influx of exclusively sports games for the past few weeks. I’m setting up to play “regular” games some more now that I’ve kinda settled in.

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