Dailies for the Week of 2/9/15 – 2/13/15



Ohhh, no, Ecko. This was technically Marc Ecko’s first appearance in a game as well, his second coming in Marc Ecko’s Getting Up for the XBOX and PS3. I’m really proud of him and the members of De La Soul for appearing in a Madden game as perfect human beings.


This is the one video I’ve put off uploading for a long time because any of the times I got really angry about games in middle school or high school are basically the most embarrassing moments of my life. To say that I broke controllers is genuinely my greatest shame at the moment. Because I did. I broke an XBOX 360 controller, I broke an XBOX controller, and I broke a PS2 controller all over sports games (also I nearly broke one over Track & Field for the 360 when I jokingly threw it at a pillow and it hit a wall). When I was in elementary school, I broke a Game Boy Advance SP over fucking Cheese Bridge Area and I’m not even sad about it, that was bullshit, Nintendo knows it, I know it, and Mario had it coming.

The College Classic I was trying in NCAA Football 2005 for this video was the hardest aspect of any game I’ve ever played. You start down by 20. You have to recover two onside kicks, basically, and score three touchdowns in five minutes. Now, that actually happened, and Jim McMahon pulled off one of the most impressive comebacks of all time. At sixteen, I was no Punky QB. Even now, at nineteen, I’m no Punky QB, and I’m barely closer to being a Punky QB than I was at sixteen. I will likely never be a Punky QB.

The attempt in this video was the closest I ever got to completing this classic, wherein I actually did recover two onside kicks and got into a position where I had the ball at the end of the game. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it into the endzone and I lost by six. There’s a follow up to this wherein I throw the controller into the woods. It was therapeutic and I only sort of feel ashamed. When I broke the 360 controller, I feel bad about that instance. I feel worse about the XBOX controller because it really just came out of shock when my game crashed. I also broke a mouse in high school. I left a wake of destruction in my years of high school, but that actually all stopped by the time I got to senior year.


What’s up boy

This video may come up later. This video definitely comes up later.


It’s a new era in Sports of the Day wherein I record in post. That may be the last time that I record in post because it’s time consuming and I don’t get to say as much as I want. I do, however, love Madden 2002 and Ron Dayne.

And guess what boys, it’s Old Sports Games 29. I’m finally doing what I said I wouldn’t: Covering yearly released football games. This may have been the easiest episode I ever wrote, because it was so easy to complain about. Very few games have the breadth of easy complaints that NFL 2K1 has, because they all deal with your success in the game. If I complain about how jerky NBA Inside Drive 2004 was, it’s not so easy to comprehend without actually seeing and playing the game. In NFL 2K1, the flaws are so evident, and I just have to think back to every time I tried to complete a pass but the receiver dropped it after being slightly grazed or every pass that the receiver tried to catch with his elbows or every time a blocker ran around a defender. It took me maybe 45 minutes to draft up and I barely edited it afterwards. People always told me it’s good, but I know different.

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