Monday Update: 2/23/15

Monday again? Problem. Big problem. I went home over the weekend, and a friend bought a Vita, which made me think about my Vita, which I have, so I bought a game at a low price for that console.

OlliOlli (PSV): First Appearance

Okay so I know I’m one of the only people who cares about skateboarding games anymore. I’ve written and created videos detailing how I feel about Tony Hawk and Skate in great depth, because both series instilled a love of fake skateboarding inside me. Now, if I see a skateboard game, I generally go out and buy it because there aren’t enough and neither series really updates (I did buy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD a few years ago, to be fair, but that was the last one.)

So along comes this sidescroller 2D skating game, which I had often heard about but never tried. Now I have tried it, and last night, as I closed my eyes, I saw my character jumping and grinding, and felt my left thumb hitting an imaginary thumbstick to hit perfect grinds. That is possibly the most positive review I can give a game, as it has infiltrated my mind and attached itself to me like some kind of Tony Hawk/Headcrab hybrid. Only a few other games did that. For a while, if I played Tetris during the day, I’d see the blocks falling when I went to sleep. I used to play Call of Duty so much, that I’d think about seeing areas I couldn’t see by throwing grenades, as if that somehow translated. Probably the creepiest of all is the way that I hear sounds from Wario Land 3 if I’m ever in an area with heavy white noise. I don’t understand how that happened psychologically, but it creeps me out every time.

So, congratulations, OlliOlli, you’ve latched on to my subconscious and have likely sent me down a path to psychosis in the future.

Madden 2002 (GC): Third Appearance, Third Straight Appearance

Somebody in a youtube comment on my Madden 2002 video said that I should keep making videos, and another person actually said “you’re really good at this.” This has never happened before, most people either tell me I’m bad or tell me that I have a saliva problem.

NCAA Football 14 (X360): Fourth Appearance, Last Appearance 12/22/14

There’s nothing interesting to say here, but I did play this game. I won the Big Ten, I’m going to the Rose Bowl, I’m not going to play this again probably unless I’m at home and need to kill 3 hours.

Diddy Kong Racing (N640): First Appearance

A lot of people tell me that this is better than Mario Kart 64. They’re wrong, and that’s fine, we can’t all be right always and we don’t all have to love the most interesting Mario Kart game in the series’ history. It is entirely in 3D polygons, for what that’s worth, and Mario Kart 64 doesn’t have that. Neat how you can be a plane and it’s neat seeing Conker in a situation where he isn’t quite so edgy.

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