I Went to a Baseball Game on Tuesday

So I went to a baseball game on Tuesday. I assume the title presented that information in enough detail. The game was between the hometown boys the Kansas City Royals and the othertown boys the Cincinnati Reds (it took me three tries to spell the word Cincinnati) Anyway here’s what I thought.

1. We build really big stadiums for these sports

I haven’t been in the upper deck at Kauffman since I think 2004 at a Cub Scout event, but the relatively inexpensive seats (11 dollars) and still good view of the game.


That’s good. Though it started raining around the 5th inning, we were far enough away from the field that we were under the awning at the top of the stadium. The crowd atmosphere at Kauffman is generally friendly, especially on a Tuesday night game in mid-May.

2. People in Kansas City like to talk to other people about Kansas City

I understand why we do this. I mean, I’m from here and rarely does anyone ask me about here, so when people do, I have things to say. The first thing anyone asks me about is barbecue. I tell them I’ve never been to Arthur Bryant’s and that I don’t really have a big preference in terms of sauce or who makes the meat or anything of the sort. The second thing I inevitably end up saying is “yeah Kansas side, but most of the stuff is in Missouri. It can be a little confusing but you get used to it.” Then, the conversation ends. Anyway, my point is that a guy on the escalator informed my friend Mike that Kauffman is a great place to see a game right after the game we had just seen at Kauffman, and right after he had explained that it was not his first time coming to a game at Kauffman.

3. Great Place to See a Game

Just a great ballpark. I like our fountains but I still miss the white Chevy Silverado that sat in left field for like 8 years. Also that big screen is indeed very big. Much bigger than a small screen, that’s for sure.

4. I Spent $23.50 on Papa John’s

Personal cheese pizza, breadsticks, souvenir cup of Diet Mountain Dew, and some sort of garlic butter substance cost me nearly 25 dollars. What a country.

5. I was Wrong About Baseball All These Years

That game was like 2 hours and 20 minutes! How, you ask? I have no idea. Well, actually, it was because it was a game between two high-quality pitchers in Johnny Cueto and Yordano Ventura, so the scoring was basically only in one run chunks in 3 separate innings. I used to say that i hated baseball because “every game is like 4 hours long” which doesn’t make that much sense to me now not only because that’s not true at all, but also because why would I dislike something that was four hours long? That sounds amazing, as long as there’s consistent action and I’m not just waiting for something to happen. I assume that’s why auto racing is so popular. That and the alcohol and the chance that a car flies through the air after being hit by three other cars.

6. The Royals are Good

Well we all knew that last year but yup, they still are. It’s a lot more difficult to get through Kauffman this year than it was in years past. Last year, in mid July, I secured third-row seats behind the left field wall for 30 dollars the day of the game. In games I went to back in the late-aughts, we barely had to walk through any big crowds before the gates. This new clutter of fans is due to the fact that the Royals are good, and that’s fine. Most people want to watch a good team, as it turns out.

7. I Need to Pick a Favorite English Premiere League Team

The people I went to knew a lot about the EPL. I know next to nothing about it. My goal for the rest of the year is to know something about it. #JoesDecision2

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