Monday Update: 5/25/15

Suikoden (PS1): Second Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

I’m like 2 hours into a JRPG, a genre I haven’t put too much time into. I think the furthest I ever got in a JRPG was like 15 hours into Final Fantasy VII, which I admittedly liked and wanted to continue playing but my memory card failed. I have wanted to try JRPGs again for a while now, probably the first time since 2012 during the “Final Fantasy Challenge” in which I tried to play every PlayStation Final Fantasy game. It stopped after a week, I saved myself into a corner in FFIX. JRPGs, Real-Time Strategy games, and 1-on-1 fighting games are the three genres I’m going to try to hit the hardest this year, so I can become a better-rounded player.

Super Mario 64 (N64): Eighth Appearance, Last Appearance 5/4/15


After the recording finished, I tried getting on snowman’s big head in Snowman’s Land about five more times, failing each time. The last time, I threw my hat off in frustration. I looked at Mario’s hat, in game, on top of the little ice-maze thing, then my own hat, against my bathroom door. Mario’s patted-down hat-hair compared with my own patted-down hat-hair. Both of us defeated by the giant snowman.

Earlier in the episode, I managed to face my fears in this game. For years the teeth of the living piano in Big Boo’s Haunt terrified me away from that level. I was prepared for this playthrough to re-trigger the terror of me in 2001, staying away from our family’s own piano in fear of said teeth. I don’t know where that piano is now, it may well be in the same place it always was and we never got rid of it, I know nobody’s played it in years if so. Fears of these fake things are just that – fake. All fears are fake. Fear nothing.

Madden 2002 (GC): Ninth Appearance, Fifth Straight Appearance

I think it took me like four or five tries to get this video made. Either my mic wasn’t plugged in, I was interrupted, or something else each time. The last time, I managed to get the victory over in-division rival Arizona in a two-touchdown comeback. The defense in the third and fourth quarter ended up winning me the game, though the run game still hasn’t been fixed. 6-4 isn’t a bad record, but we’ll see how the next six games end up. I figure I should be 4-2 and I’ll make the playoffs, though that might be a kind of tough task to take on. Mike Vick is coming into his own as a player, though, which is exactly what I need now. As long as he keeps playing at a high level and I continue to win on the deep threat.

Metal Head (32X): First Appearance (I think)

I don’t know if I’ve documented the times I’ve played this game within the past year and a half, but I’m trying to get a review made of this game in video. I’ll save you the details because they’ll be in the video I theoretically make.

NBA Live 2003 (XBOX): Third Appearance, Last Appearance 5/5/14

I love going back to the old blog and looking at the games I played about a year or so ago. Last year I was doing “The Name Game”, in which I pitted nine starting-fives of players with the same last names against each other. This year, I’m working on what I’ll call “One Last Ride”, inspired by a YouTube comment from a few weeks ago on this video. It involved trading Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen back to the Bulls in games when the two of them were on the Washington Wizards and Portland Trail Blazers, respectively. This involves getting MJ, Pippen, Kukoc, Grant, and any of the other players from those ’90s teams onto the ’02 Bulls and seeing if I can win the NBA Finals. I just finished the first round and I’m actually excited to at least detailed what happened on this blog, if not put it into a video.

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