Monday Update: 6/22/15

I’ve been working the past two weeks so I’ve had little time off, so I really haven’t played too many games unfortunately.

Madden 2002 (GC): Twelfth Appearance, Eighth Straight Appearance

Oh baby the Life don’t stop here. No sir, we’re on a 3 game win streak, we’ve clinched a winning record and will likely end up in the playoffs. If I win out in these last two weeks, I’ll probably have home-field advantage (that is, If I’m doing my math right). This game is big because it showed a victory over a team in overtime while it at least looked like the wheels were falling off the game.

Madden 2003 (XBOX): Third Appearance, Last Appearance 1/12/14

The last time this game appeared on the Monday Update, it was the Sunday Update and I didn’t keep track of the statistics of how many games I played which week. This week, I’ve started a new franchise on YouTube.

Ah, yes, the 2002 Chiefs. A team that I actually have some experience with, and a team with players that I’ve heard of. We lose game 2, unfortunately, but week 1 was a good example of how well a good passing offense can work alongside a strong run-game.

Suikoden (PSV): Fifth Appearance, Fifth Straight Appearance

I beat that boss I was complaining about last time sometime within the past 2 weeks. I don’t remember when

FIFA 15 (XBONE): Second Appearance, Last Appearance 6/1/15

Longtime FIFA players – Has it always been weirdly difficult to be even sort of accurate on Penalty Kicks? I know I’m not good at the game but I didn’t expect to send like 4 PKs in a game over the top of the goal. Just sort of surprising to me, I guess. Otherwise, this plays well. However, I would still probably rather stick with Pro Evolution Soccer if only it contained better licensing. That’s not to say FIFA is bad, but it’s just not what I like that much and I’m not into German or Brazillian leagues. Having the ability to play with clubs I’m interested in a still-good game is better for me than playing with someone I don’t know in a slightly better game. Those are my priorities and I’m sticking to them and I only feel slightly bad about it.

MLS ExtraTime 2002 (GC): First Appearance

Earlier Sports of the Day-style ideas are starting to creep back in to my videos again. This July will be the second anniversary of Sports of the Day oddly enough, starting on July 4th, 2013. It doesn’t feel that way because it only sort of picked up in October of 2014, but it’s been around. I stop working tomorrow so I’ll have time again to do actual things. Tell me any suggestions you have as long as they’re not just “play more interesting games” because that’s a given.


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