Monday Update: 6/1/15

I get very few views on this little blog so I figured, hey, why not just cut out the middle-man and put out a Monday Update at like 1:30 AM on a Tuesday? Not better than 1:30 PM on a Tuesday, but, hey, whatever floats my own boat at the site that I maintain and own.

Halo: Master Chief Collection (XBONE): Fifth Appearance, Last Appearance 2/17/15

I hardly ever play multiplayer online games anymore, including this game that I bought back in December in order to do just that. In fact, I actually used the Monday Update to determine if I qualified for the free ODST DLC given to people who purchased the game prior to December 17th, 2014 (I bought it on the 20th. I did not qualify and will have to pay extra to play a game I’m not sure if I still own or not. I do want to play it, though.)

Anyway, I had a friend over and we played this game for five hours straight. That was probably the first time I had done that since January when I did that for 24 straight hours, and let me tell you, it felt really good. I used to be really skeptical when Nintendo would say that multiplayer gaming was done best in person, I mean, I had some great times on Counter-Strike and Call of Duty back in high school, but they’re basically right. The Halo series was always ahead of the Call of Duty games (back when I cared about that in the 9th grade) in the department of “Joint In-Person and Online Multiplayer” (JIPOM for short if you’re in the biz), where two players on one console could have a good time playing online games together. This is what happened in this particular situation.

Anyway, I made a realization that night that shook me to my core (it really didn’t shake me to my core but it was a realization nonetheless) and that’s that I will likely never put as much time into any game as I did the games I really loved in high school. I will never have the time to do that again until I’m either retired or my “Multi-Tiered Zip-Off Pant System” (MTZOPS for short, pronounced mit-zops if you’re in the biz) patent is purchased by Old Navy or somebody and I get to retire at 21. Those games, like Counter-Strike: Source, Skate 3, NCAA Football 12, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Mario Kart 7 were played constantly by me between 2009 and 2013, and I’ll likely never reach the amount of time spent on those games individually again. Later on this list is a 20-hour JRPG, relatively short by comparison to other games, and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get all the way through it. I really don’t know, and that’s weird for me, where I used to desire those 100+ hour experiences (like I’ve heard The Witcher III is), now I don’t know about it.

Part of that is my own fault, because I like to spread my gaming experiences out, that’s why there’s typically 4-6 games on the Monday Update each week. If I put all the hours I spent on games in a week into one game (like I did in a bizarre experiment in High School, wherein I played exclusively Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City for the SNES for like 2 weeks in attempt to know it front and back. I never beat it.) I would probably end up totaling that, but where’s the fun in that? Secondly, and more obviously, I’m growing up, I have a job now, I’m in college. Crazy to know that in the future, that time’s going to be even more sparse. I just want to enjoy these games while I can. It’ll never be fully extinguished from my life, but gaming is undeniably going to have to take a backseat to other things. In 10 years I’ll probably be doing something else, probably not keeping up this blog, probably not playing half of the games I do now, unless I make it my job somehow. Gaming isn’t quite slipping away from me, because that would imply that it’ll be fully gone from my life at some point, and I don’t think that will really happen, I’ll probably die playing like NBA Showtime for the Dreamcast at age 84, still complaining about Luc Longley hitting uncharacteristic threes (Luc Longley will be long dead by the time I’m 84, also). But I didn’t even notice as the unhealthy sessions of five hours after school on CS:S mini-games will probably never come back. I’ve changed as a person and gaming has changed around me.

Also, the matchmaking is fixed. That’s good, hit me up on XBOX Live at the gamertag “web patron”

Suikoden (PSV): Third Appearance, Third Straight Appearance

I honestly didn’t think I had it in me, but I continued in Suikoden. Like in most games, my favorite character died early on before I really got to know them, then my other favorite character died (or, effectively died). It’s going great but it’s not “Oh I’m playing DanganRonpa and I already don’t like the writing because they’re killing all the people I like and we’re only like 2 hours in” great. I’m gonna keep playing, is what I’m saying.

NBA 2K15 (XBONE): Fifteenth Appearance, Last Appearance 5/4/15

The old beast roars to life with a call of “you won two games in a row to snap a 3-game losing skid in MyCareer, also you’ve learned to not sprint all the fucking time winding you tired as hell in the final 4 minutes of the game.” I’m just gonna stop telling you when I’ve played 2K from now on.

Madden 2002 (GC): Tenth Appearance, Sixth Straight Appearance

I prefer the videos I make when I edit them down, and I enjoy making them, but nobody watches them for some reason. Oh well, the Life are 7-5 and the next few weeks will decide whether or not we’re a playoff team or not. Stay tuned! Also, Mario 64 videos will return next week, along with my first ever Let’s Play on a real-ass website.

Trials Fusion (XBONE): oh god I gotta go look up the last time I played Trials Fusion?

Quietly, this was my GOTY of 2015. It still remains there in my mind, though Freedom Planet is probably actually a game I enjoyed a little more so who knows. I got really angry at it today, though, and I stopped playing it. I’m just rusty and I don’t want to take the time to learn it back again. Whoops.

Metal Head (32X): JOE GO TO BED YOU’VE WRITTEN 1100+ WORDS ALREADY, Second Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

I got fooled by a fake code online today. I tried doing a level select code I saw on like 4 different websites (the only site I saw to dispute it was somebody’s actual fan site oh my god I’m not the only person who cares about the fucking 32X). It was like traveling back to 2006 when my friends got duped by fake codes for the game based off of Peter Jackson’s King Kong on the PS2. Amazing rush. I still can’t beat the game, though, so that’s a different problem.

FIFA 15 (XBONE): First Appearance

I bought this last week, though I didn’t put it in the Update ’cause I’m a dummy sometimes and I forget sometimes. I want to get into other countries’ soccer leagues, this seems like a place to start. I have basically picked Southampton to be my favorite club in the Premier League, ending a few weeks of #JoesDecision2 controlling the twitter airwaves.


oh god did I really write all of that?

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