Monday Update: 7/27/15

I’m back doing this, but I want to take a second to consider the format of this series of posts. So often I will struggle to think of new things to write about games I’ve played recently, especially after weeks of playing them. What can I really add about a game when I’ve been playing it on and off for 9 weeks? Often, I’ll just say what I did, and leave it at that. I want to do more than just “here’s what I played this week.” So, without further adieu a do adu ado, here’s what I played this week.

Without Further Adu. I spent like 12 minutes googling photos of Freddy Adu today to get a good photo for this joke.

Super Mario 64 (N64): I made it to 70 stars. I am now ready to defeat Bowser. I will keep telling myself this until I am actually ready to defeat Bowser in which case I will try like 4 times and then die. The video that goes up on YouTube will inevitably be either an hour and a half of me whining or 11 minutes of me miraculously completing it on the first try. There is no other possibility. I go back to a video I made in 2014, specifically the quote of my good friend Joe Devader, regarding the last time I played most of the way through Mario 64: “It was like watching somebody slowly realize that their favorite uncle was a drug dealer.” I’ve still never quite beaten the game, but this will be the first time coming up. Also, after this game will be somewhat of a rebranding of this ‘series’ from “ENSFG” to “Chron64”, where I play through the N64’s library chronologically. The reason for this name change is because I didn’t know there was a term for that sort of thing.

Virtua Racing (GEN):  As it turns out, I own all three console ports of Virtua Racing. This fact has somehow blossomed into a 2000+ word script on the three of them. This video will cover all three ports in depth and will feature an all-too in-depth opinion on all three of them. For a sneak peek, the 32X one earned the title “Deluxe”, the Genesis one is much better than it should be, and the Saturn one is much worse than it should be.

Wave Race 64 (N64): A video on this game will come out net Monday. Only one image of sneak peek will be provided:


That’s it, that’s all, that’s it.

Animaniacs (GEN): It’s like review-writing-mageddon (why do I use the same 2 or 3 suffixes for things like this? There’s like “-athon” “-omania” and “-mageddon” and I can’t think of that many others. I’m gonna think of others right now. “-stacean” as in “crustacean”, “-ination” as in “germination” or “-lotelli” as in “Mario Balotelli”.

Anyway I’m writing something about this one too. Also Metal Head and potentially NBA: In The Zone for the PS1. I’m in that weird bit of living where I want to do everything and will inevitably do something weird. Sort of like the failed “Blitz” of early 2014 but I’m not trying to stuff 7 videos into 7 days. Now it’s more like “just put something out please”.

Animaniacs is a mediocre game. I’ve heard the show is good but let me tell you, I’ve never seen any of it that I can remember.

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