The Update: 8/24/15

I played like two games in the past two weeks due to injury


tendinitis is hell

One was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (PS1): First Appearance, I think

See that thumb? I can’t move it. Well, I shouldn’t move it. So I don’t. Which means I can’t play many games if any at all basically, which means I really can’t play video games using a controller. By that I mean, I really can’t play video games using a controller in a universe in which I’m not unstoppable and don’t have an indomitable spirit. I beat THPS on the PS1 using my index finger on the PS1 D-Pad. It’s hard. Also, the PS1 version of THPS isn’t nearly as easy and playable as the Dreamcast version, specifically the secret tape in San Francisco, where you basically have to keep your special meter full all the way up a building to a rooftop, which doesn’t make sense to probably 80% of people reading this so just understand it’s hard. (80% would imply that at least five people are reading which might be an optimistic guess)

The major teachings I experienced here were either that I have no self control or that it’s hard to play video games using only your index finger on the D-Pad. Probably both.

also Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (PS1): First Appearance, Definitely

This is just as bad as I remembered when I bought it in 2011 because I guess I wanted to review it? My PS1 collection has virtually no continuity as I purchase primarily either great games or awful ones, both of which I want to have fun with, and a litany of sports games because that’s like half of the library. Still, next to Patriotic Pinball and Felony 11-79, Phantom Menace is a standout in my PS1 collection for just having no reason to be in my collection.

While that was a skeleton version of the update, do not blame my skeleton. It is healthy as can be. Do blame the ligaments and tendons that put the skeleton together. The humanized version of that skeleton is terrifying so don’t try to imagine what it would look like or how it would look if it were dejected because you blamed my lack of game playing on it.

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