I Have Found a Beret and Folks, It’s Over

Hey, Guess What Everyone:

Berets are Fucking Back

Check out This Article from British GQ saying so. British. GQ. The British wing of the website spawned by the magazine that once employed Chuck Klosterman says that the beret – the staple of old Army people and Jacqueline O’Nassis when she watched her first husband die – is back. And guess who found one in his closet last night?


That’s right. It’s me. I’m the one who found a beret in my closet. I don’t remember from where it came, but I care not. It’s mine now and I’m fashion forward boys. Today’s look comes courtesy of Wal-Mart sweatshirt, gray fingerless gloves, khakis I found at a thrift store, and the beret.


This pose, the Thoughtful Adjuster, is deemed illegal in six countries for being “too thoughtful”

So if your mindset regarding Joe’s fashion choices was “oh, he sucks at it and definitely isn’t riding the new trends as deemed by British GQ,” then I’ve got an announcement for you:

It’s over.

Welcome to the Joenaissance. This is the future, and I’m never looking back. Now all I need is one’a them long cigarette holders, and also I’d need to start smoking which seems like a bridge too far but I’ll do it

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The guy behind JoeBush.net and a lot of other things
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