Pig in Slop Indeed Having a Wonderful Time

Shoot, look at him. Just like we thought.

pig in slop

Damn. Look at that guy. You’ve heard the phrase “happy as a pig in slop”? So have I. Maybe this pig hasn’t, but, shit, he’s felt it. He’s feelin’ it right now. That’s kind of the beautiful thing about idioms. You feel them. And boy does this boy feel it.

Shit… Man, just to be that pig. As happy as a pig in slop. Perhaps in shit, if you’re from the southeastern part of the country which substitutes a vulgarity into the idiom. Not a care in the world. Not a problem to speak of. Not thinkin’ about a damn thing. Just happy.

Daaaamn, dude, but is that the life or what. He looks happy as hell. Really not much more to say here. This is what we have idioms for.


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