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Ever go to make a pork sausage and find it's got hairs growing all over it?

Monday Update: 11/17/14

NBA 2K15 (XBONE):¬†Sixth Appearance, Sixth Straight Appearance I chose to play for the Kings. You may remember the Kings as the team I played for in 2K14, and that’s absolutely why I went to them again. In the first season, … Continue reading

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Dailies for November 10th-14th, 2014

MONDAY This is indeed Slide Oil TUESDAY I got a C on this assignment because I wrote my script in the wrong format and didn’t play the trombone in the video. This is the first daily to be referred to … Continue reading

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Monday Update: 10/20/14

Last week was weird. NBA 2K15 (XBONE):¬†Second Appearance, Second Straight Appearance I’m having many of the same problems I had with 2K14 on the 360 back in April, mainly that I’m not good and I can’t make shots and all … Continue reading

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