Monday Update 10/6/14

WEBSITE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. WE’RE IN THE 21ST CENTURY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. THE MONDAY UPDATE IS NOW OFFICIAL. If you’re looking for older updates, they’re still available at the old blog

The Sims (PC): Second Appearance, Last Appearance 9/22/14

Saturday night I was up at camp doin’ stuff with Ben and Joe. That should set the scene for most of this update unless otherwise specified. They asked me to make them a family, so I gave them (the RTM family, as they came to be known) an empty $3,000 lot with a $20,000 budget, leaving $17,000 free for building the perfect house.

10 minutes later, they were out of money, having a two-story, two-room house with an outhouse, two beds, an easel, a refridgerator, and a stove. They did not have a shower, or a computer, or any chairs. They did have a $6,000 mechanical bull right in the middle of the living room, however. This bull became the Berlin Wall of this particular game of Sims. “We need to shower” said the Sims. “We want another mechanical bull” said both Ben and Joe. “You really need to come into work with your comfort and hygiene ratings not at an absolute low” said Sim-Joe’s boss. “We want another mechanical bull” said both Ben and Joe.

However, they ran out of money and we ran out of attention span before we could purchase the second mechanical bull. That wasn’t before we sold off the inessential floorboards of the top floor, the stove, the microwave, the carpet, and the wallpaper on both the inside and outside of the house.

RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC): Fourth Appearance, Last Appearance 9/15/14

I’m actually trying to beat it all this time. I’m going to earn the right to play the expansion pack. Has anyone actually ever made it to the last scenario of the original game? I can’t imagine anyone having that great of an attention span. I hope I do. Maybe this would be a good game to do some sort of a video about.

Thank you for reading that weird stream of consciousness. There is little to say.

Super Smash Bros (3DS): ~Second Appearance, Last Appearance 9/15/14

This was the first game I ever waited in line for at a GameStop at midnight, and it was actually a pretty good experience. Likewise, after actually playing it, I had a pretty good experience. A game like Smash Bros. is hard to qualify the week after release because I haven’t had the chance to play it with friends for more than a few hours. I like Luigi a lot, Dr. Mario even more, and I also like Dark Pit quite a bit unfortunately. I’ll check up on it again next week, but there’s another thing coming out that will share my time with it.

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