Monday Update: 10/13/14

Well it’s one of those weeks where new shit has come out and I’ve only played that new shit for the most part. I have things to say about them.

Super Smash Bros (3DS): Third Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

Alright! I found a main: Dr. Mario. My favorite character in Melee was Mario, my favorite character in Brawl was Luigi, and that’s pretty much exclusively because he used down-special for the hurricane, and that’s my favorite move. Mario’s hurricane was replaced by F.L.U.D.D. in Brawl, which made me really dislike him, which then turned me on to Luigi. Dr. Mario represents what I wanted from Mario all along, which is comfort and the familiarity of 2002. Back then, I was willing to learn a new character, but I didn’t. I was a Mario man since the original. 2008 came around and I became a Luigi man. But now, it’s 2014, and I’m back in business with the Doctor. Back in my comfort zone.

Maybe I’ll play as Shulk, or Little Mac, or whoever else is new, but for the first time that I can remember, something that I liked in a series that I liked was taken out and then put back in. It’s important to me, at the very least.

NBA 2K15 (XBONE): First Appearance

ALRIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN GET READY FOR THE GAME I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL YEAR. MyCareer mode, new version of Craig LeChuck, new team, new story, new agent who I absolutely adore and yes, indeed, yes, a MyTeam mode that I actually understand. Look out for the crazy amount of talking I’m going to do on this game from now until the end of the season.

Who is Craig LeChuck? I don’t know. The general background is this: I needed to create a character for Skate 3 on the XBOX 360. That was the name my brain thought of, probably inspired by Captain LeChuck of “Secret of Monkey Island” fame and Craig of “innocuous enough name” fame. He was originally a tall white guy with medium-length hair and glasses, but has gained more and more skin pigment in every reiteration of the character, and my 2K15 edition of LeChuck appears to be hispanic.

2K14 Craig appears from afar in this video, but I will get images of him in the future

Here’s Craig from early 2011, originally named John Madden but later retconned to be an official Craig LeChuck

Early 2013 Craig appears in this video, and is hit by a car. I began a second file and actually named the character “Craig LeChuck.”

In 2K15, Craig’s about 6’7″, plays Point Guard, and was picked up out of free agency by the Charlotte Bobcats Hornets. On that note, I’m super excited for the team in Charlotte to be named the Hornets again. I’ll update you.

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