Dailies for the week of October 13th-17th

I put at least one video up each weekday if I remember to do so. If I deem the video to be a “game related” video, it goes on my main channel and if it’s not really totally “game related” it goes up on the other channel.


This video was meant to go up on last Friday, but the video file had a hard time uploading and processing, so I put it off until the next week. It was meant to be a preview for the American League Championship Series that was happening last week which happened to feature my favorite baseball team. By the time the episode went up, the Royals were up 2-0, so the preview was kind of a moot point. Didn’t matter anyway AM I RIGHT

This was almost the saddest I have ever been at the end of an episode of Sports of the Day. Almost. The idea of this series is that I’m gonna win every rivalry trophy in NCAA Football 2003 for the XBOX.


This was a happier day


This video made me a little upset because it took forever to upload, and also I had a much better video description when I originally tried to upload it. I like the idea of someone developing bizarre techniques of critiquing food and then someone first encountering those techniques In Medias Res. “Mr.” Cola is a good cola. Also I stole this idea from Ben


I am not good at 2K15, as it turns out. It’ll probably be a while before I’m good at it.


RIP to that Mario doll, RIP to those plaid shorts, RIP to my old hard drive, RIP to my old University of Hawaii shirt, and thank goodness it ended up on my Laptop. The shirt said “UH” and we all laughed at it back in eighth grade. I should’ve gone to UH.

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