Dailies for the Week of October 20th-24th

This week has been overshadowed by the fact that The Royals are in the World Series?


This is the first video that I feel I uploaded for the sake of documentation. The world needs to see this, needs to see me, in a state of a second baseball game following a first baseball game, in the second game of which two pitchers pitch shutouts. It’s slightly ridiculous. I give a little bit of critique of MLB 2005 in this video, but it’s probably gonna be Old Sports Game #26 so look out for that. This video features a song that I really enjoy as well.


Speaking of the Royals… (They lost Tuesday night by the way)


I worked at a retail store over the summer. “Seinfelding” is a term that I created after drawing inspiration from a number of teenagers who would come in, look through all of our items, pick the ones that they thought were funny out, and make commentary on them. “Who really needs a pair of Chicago Cubs safety scissors?” they’d say, “Why you got all this Jayhawk shit?” they’d ask.

Also, just by the way, that’s the worst question you can ask in that line of business. “Why do you carry this specific team that I don’t like?” Do you think it’s funny? How funny is it, really? I mean, think about it. Think about it long and hard. Why in the world would I find that funny? “Why do you have all this Heat gear?” Because someone is going to buy it. Your affiliation only matters in retail when there’s a dollar amount attached.

Anyway, Seinfelding is creating a humor routine out of everything. Trying to find humor in a rack of PS2 games, trying to joke about the CD of U2’s greatest hits you have sitting on the counter, it is this tweet. I know people who are like that.


People give out free copies of the New Testament every year, I picked one up.


A fun YouTube quiz

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