Monday Update: 1/26/15

I moved back to school this week, and it’s been very busy. This week will be busy as well, but I’ll probably have more time to do things once the weekend comes. Therefore, the Monday Update will be one of those hybrid Monday Updates where I talk about games and other forms of entertainment.

NBA 2K15 (XBONE): Ninth Appearance, Last Appearance 1/12/15

Things are… turning around? Things are turning around? Are you looking at me in the face right now and telling my that my MyCareer team’s chances are turning for the future? Yes! I finally beat 2 good teams, one of which was the Washington Wizards and John Wall, who is very good. Also, my team, the Sacramento Kings, traded two players to Portland for two other players: 1 rookie, and…

wait for it…

Thomas Robinson

That’s right, Thomas Robinson, who is apparently really good in 2016, because he took a starting role. It’s really funny to think that Sacramento would ever go back after Thomas Robinson after the way that they got rid of him a few years ago. It’d be like picking Jimmer Fredette up in exchange for a 1st round draft pick. Speaking of which, did anyone notice who was picked immediately after Jimmer in 2011? He didn’t do anything of note.

Parks and Recreation (TV): I don’t really count these as appearances

Parks and Rec is back? I don’t get into shows that come back generally, and I’m not saying that as any sort of ‘badge of honor’ or anything, it’s just bad luck, or I hear about something well after it’s over. For instance, Community was and is my favorite show, but Season 5 was the first season I actually watched as it aired. This will be the only season of Parks that I will be watching as it airs.

I enjoyed the first three episodes of the season, but episode four, “Leslie & Ron,” changed my opinion of the season for the better. I felt like Ron was so needlessly misanthropic and spiteful in those first three episodes, and I still think it was written sort of clumsily, but at least “Leslie & Ron” gives us an explanation.

Rick and Morty (TV): Yeah don’t worry I’ll talk about games next Monday

This show’s really good. I think I mentioned the fact that I can’t stomach Adventure Time to Ben last year and he told me this was basically the antidote. I still can’t pin down why I don’t like Adventure Time, but I’ll freely admit to loving Rick and Morty. Plus, it’s only one season in! I can’t lose! There’s gonna be more!

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