Dailies for the Week of 3/2/15 – 3/6/15

Dogs was the best idea for a halftime show


CHECK OUT THESE DOGS! Big and Baby Jay feigned unexcitement, but you know they were scared. Dogs shouldn’t be able to flip.


I was doing well enough to start out with that I actually thought I was on the wrong difficulty, but hey, I actually started well for once! We’ll see where this goes


I know my foreshadowing isn’t great here, because I literally tell you what happens in the title, but hot damn do I nearly choke for the second time this season here. While it’s not as ridiculous as the Denver game, and I did get a pretty good stop in overtime, and I won the game, and I didn’t really have to blame anyone but myself, it’s still ridiculous that I can’t have any decent second half offense.




On a somber note, these videos were the final videos recorded on my camera before it mysteriously stopped working this week. I’ll maybe send it in for repairs but its issues are so hard to explain that I don’t know if it can actually be fixed (No thanks to Panasonic’s tech support) (Seriously, don’t buy cameras from a company that doesn’t specialize in cameras) (Unless it’s Sony)

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