Thursday Lunchtime Update – 3/12/15

I eat lunch on Thursdays in the student union because of a series of “Small Joys” I force upon myself every weekday. It goes along with Seinfeld Tuesdays (where I watch Seinfeld in my room between classes on Tuesdays) and Coffee Wednesdays (where I drink coffee between classes in the union) and Total Immersion Mondays (where I sit in the part of a building where there’s no cell reception and eat chicken nuggets). Friday is Friday and needs nothing extra.

Today is the day of the Big XII basketball tournament, and boy do I have opinions on it. Very rarely do I ever want a team in conference that isn’t the one at the school I go to to do well, but I certainly have a favorite this year. Kansas, Iowa State, and Oklahoma have been good in the same way as a car driving straight down a road with no bumps or problems and reaching its destination in decent but not great time has been ‘good’. West Virginia and Baylor have been a special type of good, though, a type of good you don’t see all that often. Weird and inconsistent good. Weird and inconsistently good teams are the types of teams which win championships or lose in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, and it will be sad to see at least one of them out in the first (second, whatever) round of the conference tournament.

However, the most important aspect of writing this is actually the reason why I’m doing this: I have a midterm at 2:30 and I should probably be studying, but I’m not. I could, but what good will it really do me? In the grand scheme of things, it’ll mean basically nothing. I mean, Biology for non-majors? Who cares, right? I do. I need to get studying. I procrastinated writing this already and Baylor won, congrats Bears.

Hopefully this doesn’t end up like last year where Marcus Smart took the KU game to overtime and we watched it instead of doing the midterm and I didn’t get to go home for like an hour.

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