Tuesday Update: 3/3/15

I’m not even going to pretend the update this week was supposed to go up on Monday this week. Yesterday started with me sneaking Zingers during anthropology class and ended up with police searching my dorm room. No, really. The hatred of Bernie Stollar knows no barriers. (Nothing came of the search, people spark up in my hall all the time and it constantly smells of weed and feces for some reason and they suspected my room) On that note, video games

NBA Courtside 2002 (GC): First Appearance

Another game of Michael Jordan goes up on Youtube. This is the fun new game that’s sweeping the nation. My all-time record in MJ is 0-3, with two losses in Courtside 2002, one in points and the most recent due to scores by other Wizards. In Live 2003, Jordan fouled out and the other players were forced to stop and watch as time expired and the other team ran off with the lead. Always an exhilarating game of Michael Jordan.

Madden 2002 (GC): Fourth Appearance, Fourth Straight Appearance

Figured out I’m bad at this game on a higher difficulty. Today’s episode will be at the same level, hopefully with better results.

Super Mario 64 (N64): Second Appearance, Last Appearance 6/30/14

Playing this this week was the precursor to the most ambitious video series I’ve ever even thought about. I always stop when it comes to ambitious video series, though, so we’ll see how it turns out

Razor Racing (PS1): First Appearance

Old Sports Games #30 is coming up by the way. I had a cold last week and my voice sounded like I was going through puberty, and let me tell you, don’t review games while going through puberty, so that’s why I didn’t do it last week. At least, that’s what I’ll tell you. I’ll be down south in the great state of Dallas this Friday and possibly Saturday so look for it this weekend.

OlliOlli (PSV): Second Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

Ladies and gentlemen I think that OlliOlli Gave Me Tendonitis

Is that the mark of a great game? It’s so great that I can’t play it anymore due to physical problems? That game has run the gauntlet of affecting me mentally one week, then physically the next. Stay tuned next week when my spiritual self becomes less connected to the environment due to thinking about hitting every roof with perfect a grind, and then the next week when someone tells me they can’t see my aura and can only see LASER FLIP + 5-0 GRIND + NOLLIE HARDFLIP + FS 180 + NOSESLIDE hovering around my body and never leaving. That is, if I’d continue playing it because my thumb hurts.

This is the second instance of “Nintendonitis” I’ve contracted. Last time, it was in 2010 and I didn’t play games for like 2 weeks so get prepared for me not playing too many games or at least holding a thumbstick with my index finger.

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