CBS Selection Sunday Notes

I watched the CBS NCAA Tournament Selection television special and took some notes. They are time-stamped, and most of them are incorrect predictions. I’ll explain certain terminology in italics.



Is it possible that they don’t meet? Would anyone be surprised that both teams fall in the first round? No matter what happens, whichever team wins in this hypothetical matchup would have an absolutely insufferable fanbase for like 5 months. This is worse than Kansas State and Kansas in the tournament. I’m terrified because I already thought KU wouldn’t make it past the second round.

5:11 Villanova’s the second overall seed, not surprising. They’re a good team, and I know a lot of people complain about the One-and-Done Freshmen players, but basically their entire starting lineup is composed of Seniors and Juniors. They’re dangerous and I definitely think they’ll go far.

5:12 UNI’s DOOMED! They got the cinderella and they’re the mid major darling, they’re fuuuuuucked RIP UNI I often assume that a mid-major team in the fifth seed will lose in the first round. Drake in ’08 lost in the first round, since then I’ve picked any mid-major in the five seed to lose. Wichita State in 2012, Utah in 2009, Temple in 2010 all lost. I was real confident that Butler would lose in 2010 and I don’t exactly remember how that worked out.

5:13 I think Irvine could pull off an upset here as well, we could see a 12-13 second round here.

5:14 I’m guessing Virginia doesn’t get to the sweet sixteen in this bracket

5:15 no don’t give Dayton a home game that doesn’t make sense

5:19 The enterprise ad reminds me of what March is really all about: Hearing the opening bit of Send Me On My Way like 35 times per day. 

5:21 Disappointed that North Florida probably won’t get a shot at Duke, but don’t underestimate the potential of Duke Choking

5:22 Can I get a hell yeah? Stephen F. Austin always wins

5:22 Remember GAGOFR: Georgetown Always Goes Out in the First Round

5:23 I like seeing Davidson as a 10 because they’ve done well in that spot before

5:24 oh good the Blazers. I’ll always pull for UAB from now on because of their football team’s dissolution

5:25 I think the selection committee just put UCLA up there to mess with Joe Lunardi. I’ve stopped complaining about whether or not a team should make the field after a few years, but it’s fun to see people get mad and it’s also fun to see ESPN’s guy get something wrong. That honestly felt like the committee pulled a Strong Bad “‘CAUSE YOU CAN’T CONTROL ME” there. 

5:29 Does Kaminsky have a GoPro taped to his chest? #NICE Fondling the Big Ten trophy? ##NICE

5:30 Oregon and Oklahoma State could be fun, I guess, I don’t know

5:31 Wouldn’t be surprised if Wofford pulls that off

5:32 West region has a bit of a #nerdfight going on There was a lot of controversy at UNC on this sort of thing so I don’t know if it’s really #nerdfight

5:32 If Wisconsin and Arizona meet in the quarterfinal I think it’ll be a “ZONA’S BACK AND THEY’RE PISSED” scenarios

5:33 BAYLOR A 3? SHIIIIIIIT #BearDownForMidterms #TheDreamIsReal #OneBearChampion Last week I was talking about how Baylor would be the most interesting team in the Big XII tournament last week and I still think they’ll do something interesting. Scott Drew either wins in such a weird way or loses in a flaming phoenix-style death

5:34 if GSU’s coach is coaching from a chair I’ll have so much respect for him Georgia State’s coach tore his achilles while celebrating after the conference tournament today

5:36 Sad about CSU, specifically sad that the kid who dresses like a Ram won’t be on TV. 

5:37 Damn, people are really upset about UCLA. 

5:43 GOTTLIEB’S BACK AND HE’S PISSED Gottlieb was complaining hard at the NCAA rep about the UCLA selection. This might be a weird selection but it’s not gonna be even close to the stupid controversy surrounding VCU’s selection in the 2011 tournament.

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