Monday Update: 3/16/15

Hey sorry about last week!

OlliOlli (PSV): Third Appearance, Third Straight Appearance

I love this game, but I learned to hate it as the game went on. Apparently the sequel came out this week, and I’d be more excited for it if I didn’t have so many problems getting to the end of a level and if I didn’t feel like breaking my dang Vita whenever I fall I’d be more excited for it. OlliOlli treads the thin line between ‘too hard’ and ‘challenging’ and sometimes crosses over to the dark side in unfair ways. Still, I definitely enjoy the game, trigger thumb or no trigger thumb (I’m getting an injection on Thursday for it by the way)

Super Mario 64 (N64): Third Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

So yeah, I said stupidly ambitious two weeks ago? I meant that. I meant exactly that. I want to keep this one going and I know I can if I space things out properly and don’t quit on games too often, but I’m glad I at least get to start with a game I know I can beat.

Razor Racing (PS1): Second Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

I’m gonna do afterthoughts on this one, definitely, because I know what I want to say about Razor scooters in general, but I’m happy with this review. It’s hard to talk about a game like this at length, but it’s kinda hard when there are only three levels.

Mega Man Soccer (SNES): Second Appearance, Last Appearance 1/12/14

I lost the goddamn Capcom Cup to a scrub, now I gotta get him back at the May-ga Man Soccer cup in May (as the pun would state). If you’re interested in the growing hot e-Sport of Mega Man Soccer, check out our blog at

Also, Ben, if you’re reading this, I’m gonna take you down on the NES Ice Hockey Rink this spring at the Spanley Cupp

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