Monday Update: 3/24/15

I felt very good last week when I put the update out on a Monday. This semester has been bad for the Monday update ’cause I have class from 10 AM to 2PM, then a meeting at 8:30, as well as homework for two days worth of classes, due at midnight. I was busy yesterday just about all day. BUT THAT’S NO EXCUSE.

OlliOlli (PSV): Fourth Appearance, Fourth Straight Appearance   

I either beat OlliOlli or got halfway through the game because I beat all of the stages and all five challenges on each stage, and I technically have to play the second half of the stages (which aren’t really mandatory). It’s the type of game where I get to decide whether or not I’m finished with it.

Of course, I’m not finished with it, but I left my Vita at home after spring break accidentally (but I did remember the charger, so I’m basically halfway there). It won’t be on the Update next week due to my own forgetfulness, but I’ll theoretically be playing it as I close my eyes to sleep.

NCAA Football 2003 (XBOX): Fifth Appearance, Last Appearance 12/16/14

Trophy Hunt is BAAAAAACK.

IT’S BAAAAAAACK, and it ends unpredictably! Hey!

NCAA Basketball 09 (X360): First Appearance

I found a copy of NCAA Basketball 09 somehow last week at a CD Tradepost in Salina, Kansas. For people who don’t play sports games, it’s become very difficult to find NCAA Basketball 09 and 10, and College Hoops 2K8 for the XBOX 360. This game set me back 18 dollars, though the later edition would cost upwards of 50 dollars on eBay and I don’t think I’ve seen a copy in the wild since it came out. It’s all thanks to the NCAA not paying athletes and the collapse of NBA Elite 11. (EA used the NBA Live engine with the March Madness games, and once there was no NBA Live engine, there was no College Basketball game. Now that there is an NBA Live engine again, there’s no NCAA license)

I’m sure we’d like to see college based games some more in the future, especially during this time of year, but unfortunately it’ll take agreement from a number of different parties and the money would have to be there as well. It’s unlikely, but it could happen someday. I just remember 2K dropping its college basketball game due to lack of funds for it, and unless, in the future, there’s another flood of games getting licensed and people aren’t scared off by the monolithic fist of Electronic Arts.

Or at least another EA game. Anything works, I guess.

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