Monday Update: 6/8/15

It’s one of those days where I can tell fewer and fewer people are reading or watching or whatever by the week, so congratulations for sticking around. It has officially been a year and a half of Sunday/Monday Updates.

Suikoden (PSV): Fourth Appearance, Fourth Straight Appearance

I’m surprised in myself and my ability to continue playing a JRPG as long as I have. Today I got genuinely frustrated with a boss fight and then figured out that I had done basically nothing I was supposed to do before it. For instance – you can level up weapons, I had no idea. I hadn’t attached a clone rune to Viktor, which is something I should’ve obviously done beforehand and I hadn’t even thought about it. Hopefully I’ll progress a little more next week, even though I failed for about 3 hours, only 45 minutes ended up in my log. This is like baby’s first RPG here for me so give me at least a little bit of slack.

I named the main character Seinfeld, by the way. That was hilarious to me as I started the game and still comes back to be hilarious today. “Seinfeld, how could you do this to us?” “You sure your boy Seinfeld can be a great warrior?” or my favorite – “M-master Seinfeld”

Madden 2002 (GC): Eleventh Appearance, Seventh Straight Appearance

WE 8-5 NOW BABY, NO MORE LOSSES BABY, NFC EAST CHAMPS COMIN BABY. The last really hard test is on the road in Philly to avenge a 20 point loss earlier in the season. I have already filmed a Madden 2003 video and expect it on Tuesday, which is technically today as I write this. I’m guessing after this two-game win-streak we’ve pulled off we’ll probably go 2-1, which should be enough to secure us in the playoffs.

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (32X): Fifth Appearance, Last Appearance 5/18/15

I don’t know why but I keep coming back to this game when I’m bored. I played the original Genesis version earlier this week for a few days but the cartridge has basically disappeared into thin air somehow. If anyone sees my Genesis NBA Jam cart anywhere out and about send it back to me please, I miss it dearly.

This isn’t a controversial statement at all outside of a very select few people, but the 32X version is the best port of NBA Jam: Tournament Edition available (unless the Jaguar version is really good, I haven’t tried it). The Saturn and Playstation version at least seem to be about the same, and though they’re closer to the arcade version, they’re very slow-moving, unlike actual basketball or at least unlike the arcade original, and the players are huge. The SNES and Genesis versions somehow have reverse-scaling, meaning they don’t have any scaling at all, meaning a player looks taller the further away you get from the camera. The scaling (and the players’ faces as well) are present and there’s still a decent pace to the game. The sound is subpar, but at least there’s background music unlike in the Super Nintendo version. This paragraph probably didn’t send anybody into fits of rage, but I try as hard as I can.

Adventure (VCS): First Appearance

I’ve been put on to do a “guest Let’s Play”. However, when all the regular participants have grown weary, I will still be playing this stupid Atari game. There are eight episodes in total and I have little general idea of what my next game will be. (Though I’ve given considerable thought to NBA Jam: TE in all actuality. The network doesn’t tend to skew towards sports games, though, so we’ll see.)

Super Mario 64 (N64): Ninth Appearance, Last Appearance 5/25/15

I’m just so damn good at this game, aren’t I? I must be, if I can do something like this. Not included are the three times I tried to get 100 coins in Whomp’s Fortress and ended up falling off of the level about three times.

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