cannot get jelly out of jar please help

I really want to put some of this jelly on my sandwich. Is that all I have to say?


this is far too skinny of a jar

I used to eat good sandwiches. This small jar does not allow for enough Jelly (or “Strawberry Preserves” if you believe the little satan) to come out of the jar and onto my sandwich and thus into my stomach for nourishment. It’s too little. Look at the knife next to it


almost all the knife gets in there. what the hell

I know what you’re saying – “GET AN BIGGER KNIFE IDOIT*”. Trust me, I’ve heard it all before.


Yeah, okay, dummy, look at this. Not working. You think I can get the whole thing in there? Not a chance

I. Just. Want. Some. JELLY. for. My. PBJ. Sandwich. Which. I. Was. Trying. To. Make. Earlier. This. Afternoon.

I won’t even look at the peanut butter cause it’s fine. I bought a big ol jar of peanut butter at Wal-Mart this week and it’s doing great. I can get all the Peanut Buttter out of it that I want.

I can’t eat my sandwich the way that I want to because of the GOD DANG JELLY JAR?



Every time I scrape the knife against the jelly it gets all over the side of the jar and barely any gets off on the knife. It’s ridiculous, and unfair, I should add, to me, that I, myself, should have to make concessions for this jar.


i am sorry this is not the picture I wanted to put here how do i delete photos on WORDPRESS.COM



Unbelievable. Look at how much is left and will be lost.

This is ridiculous. It’s the god forsaken spoiled and entitled and godless and helpless millenials and their small skinny jar wantings rather than the wider based jars of yore perpetrated by the older and better generations that have done this too me. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SUFFER FOR NO JELLY.



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