6 Toy Story Clips that Aren’t Really Any More or Less Poignant Under a Trump Presidency

Toy Story is a classic film, one of Disney’s best, Computer-Generated animation’s earliest, and one of America’s most beloved films. Now that Donald Trump is the country’s president, I took a look back at this classic film to find that, really, I think I related to many if not all of these scenes about the same as I always did. I’m not a horribly political person so I’m not surprised, but, still, here it is

Meeting Buzz Lightyear

“Oh really? I’m from Playskool” said Mr. Potato Head. President-elect Trump said things as well. I don’t see how these things relate, though

“Strange Things are Happenin'”

Randy Newman highlights the strange idiosyncrasies of life with their new toy with his hit “Strange Things”. I suppose a lot of strange things happened during the 2016 election cycle, however, this song is so vague that I don’t think any parallels I draw will necessarily strengthen or weaken any ties to this film.

Pizza Planet

I know there was like a pizza thing after the election but that doesn’t really fit with this scene about two sentient toys sneaking around a restaurant. I can see where the free association would be made but I don’t think it would be strong. Still, I’m putting it here, I found the clip for free online

“I’m Woody, Howdy, Howdy, Howdy”

I guess, like, the shark here pretends to be something he’s not… but like… That’s kind of just how politics is, right? Like you gotta make concessions somewhere sometimes, right? And this is like a shark poorly imitating his friend and nothing else more or less, really. They’re making me do this

Awesome 3 featuring Julie McDermott – Don’t Go (’96 version)

Get this out of here. Get this video off of Joe Bush Dot Net I swear to GOD

Mrs. Nesbitt

I wish I was dead. Buzz Lightyear does as well in this scene

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